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Unison (Ft. Andy the Dishwasher)

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In the television ive been trapped
Tryna build a psychological map of the
Untapped ways to collapse this massive
Attack on the background
Data that we lack.


Can't cover the scent.
Y'all fools think you got the game cinched up with a
Pinch hitter? Endless supply on the bench,
But I got some news to make your buttholes clench.

Your Mensa memberships can't compete with my penmanship.
Ten men can't send the winds into frenzy like my words bend 'em. I
Rend 'em in Doppler.
Tendency's not to go chopper. Proper blend of
Speed and a feed mix souls can live off of, downbeat is lava. Whoops!

I'm gonna make your job a million times more complicated,
If it's your job to keep the masses and the artists faded,
Shaded from the Light of Reason,
Baited on the line of the season,
Freezin' all their mental assets while you got 'em cheesin'. No way!
I'ma say what I gotta say to make a bang.
Take a dang number, you don't like it when I show my fangs.
Little wangs call foul if I rang too many of their bells with the words that I sang.