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Hall and Oates, Funkadelic and Al Green
These are the forces I invoke to set the scene.
I may be trippin' but I ain't sipping lean
Cuz i use clairvoyant means to fulfill all your dreams because I...
Wont do nothing that your soul don't desire
Just wanna rock with you till we hear a heavenly choir
Look into my eyes, are you looking into a liar?
Do you see weakness or do you see passion and fire?
I gotta lotta love.
You seem like you do too,
But it'll stay locked up till one of us can make a move.
That may be what we need,
That much i will concede,
But if it isn't would you like to come and hit this weed?
Some people like it sober. That's cool with me too.
I don't need chemicals to tell me how to vibe with you.
Id love to see you from a million different points of view,
Look at your colors see if i got complimentary hues
I wanna soothe you with a smooth groove.
If I made my move too soon, I'm sorry boo for true.
I'm not that kinda dude. You do just what you wanna do, but if that includes me I promise I'll be good to you.


This song's a question not a statement.
Should I keep my feelings in the basement?