From the recording Hooks & Lines

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I gotta get back on my game
So that I can be prepared for days when it rains.
I know I been at work on multiple planes,
But all the same, I kinda feel like I could do more to tame
The beast always feasting on my money and time,
Got me orally fixated so my mouth can't rhyme
All the signs say I need to keep the critter in line,
So I cling desperately to its worn-out binds.
The grind got me singing the Blues,
But the fire in my mind pulled out my dancing shoes.
I stay locked in the groove from the dish pit all the way to playing for you
Life is musical if you just act real smooth.
Accidents happen
More when your senses nappin'
And that can be an issue when the higher ones you're tappin'
The mapping of your mind is worth a little mishappin'
Cuz its the only way you're gonna get them hits clappin'

Mistakes are the fabric of genius
Success is a double-edged sword
I would rather be crazy and homeless
Than conventional and bored

Ignored is a state I am used to
Physical harm ain't the only abuse, dude
Only reason I seem to have a loose screw
Is a new genetic pattern said I choose you!
The boob tube is full of healthy people speaking their minds,
But the streets are full of poverty and endless grinds
I look at both and synthesize them into rhythmic lines
While I perpetuate mine in an effort to unwind.
Then I whine about it. Then I drink some wine about it.
I'd like to think I'll never write another line about it.
But knowing me I'll just suppress it for awhile and shout it
At somebody who don't give a single damn about it.
That last part felt clouded. Let' bring it in.
I gotta come to terms with my everyday sins
I don't kick back too hard on the gin
I just say too much to preserve my skin.