From the recordings [break]OUT! and Hooks & Lines

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Shit's goin' down. I cant wash dishes anymore.
Most I'm worrying about now's a few house chores.
Bet your ass I'm not bored! The world's about to be floored
Twice over when I wring out all the thoughts I've absorbed.
The Forbes ain't where you'll read 'em.
If I can, I'll defeat 'em. In my mind money's an enemy of freedom.
Ya cheat 'em in-to buying your words, might as well eat 'em.
Just seat 'em in the auditorium and complete 'em.
The Beatlemania aint what I'm after. Maybe some laughter
In the face of this impending disaster.
The faster we break the shackles of our crippled masters
The faster we gonna be free of the bastards.
Their dastardly deeds ain't what put 'm on their knees.
Thankfully, nature did it with infectious disease.
Now we gotta spin it so the poor don't front all the fees,
And that'll only happen if we learn the science of peace.

Take care of the working people
They are our saviors now
Let's make sure we expel the evil
Before they bring it back down

Wal-mart ground zero. Stoners morphin' into heroes.
Nowhere else for us to get our Cheerios.
Cereal is non-perishable. That makes it cherishable.
Bearable for the stomach, doesn't taste terrible.
This is a parable for our society
Lotta lambs suddenly gotta face the lion's teeth.
Defeat aint as welcome as it was when they were staring at the street.
Suffering made 'em look up. Now they got the heart to bleat.
This beat courtesy of LSD
In collaboration with psilocybin and weed.
In all seriousness, I wouldn't be able to feed
Myself without him, but together we be plantin' some seeds.
Every bead of sweat on my friends I'm matching in my studio
Until the trouble starts and then I'm going with the flow.
I don't know who will need my help, but I do know
They gonna get it right up to the close of my show.