From the recording In The Zone

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Yo we don't know shit about how to mix
We just know how to satisfy your funky fix
With the fly bass licks and the tight drum kicks
We gon' stick witcha till ya cross the river Styx, y'all

We makin' shit up as we go, neck deep in the flow
Our motor functions guided by things that can't be known
Our bones shake with the breakbeats that bang in our domes
Our phones wait for the greatness when we in the zone

LSD bends the sound like a lens and breaks trends
I been swimming in the deep mind, but now I got fins
Depends on how you look at our boogie bounce
but we're sending funky vibes to your inbox
Just in case you're a friend.
I've decided to end my war on pop music.
I just wanna make smile and grab a mop music.
Cuz it's a funky ass world and we all gotta use it
So let's celebrate the cleanup rather than abuse it
Snooze buttons ain't the way to living easy
Breezy attitudes tend to get you talkin' real cheesy
You'll be weezing when the world as you know it's in pieces
So that's why we bring the funk and hope your knowledge increases