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I been shit posting all day
Scrolling through the doom but I can't look away
Holed up inside in the middle of May
I may need to take a walk, but I got things to say
Like I won't pay $4.50 for the gas
To make ten an hour then smell like ass
The dish pit's a pit. That's why it's in my past
But now I gotta find a way of living that'll last
The fast pace everything is taking isn't mine
I'm always at the back of the back of the line
For most of my life I told myself that's fine
But now I'm getting older and I feel a bit behind
Your now hiring sign could use a little work
It needs a posted wage and a list of the perks
The model of your business is buried in the dirt
So I would recommend you find a way to convert
Your capital to crops
before it gets taken by the cops
In some kinda complicated economic ops
They'll come for it soon, so ya prolly better stop
Tryna pay somebody else to run ya mops

I gotta move if I want to find
A grind worth my time beyond these lines
This ain't on my dime
My roommate is pissed but I'm tryin
To build my design
The plan went awry and I wanna just cry
But I cannot deny that this sounds hella fly
These words that I tie into knots are how I
Plan to peacefully defy and earn my
Place in the sky

300 hours of JavaScript in 9 days
That's what the cert say
Now I'm feelin kinda cray
This may be a way to make a little dough
It's a different sorta flow,
but at least it doesn't blow
I'm sewing up a portfolio so the whole
World can see what I know and let me
Debug its code. Hello?
Nah your offer's too low.
Im bout to go and build with my bros
Proposals on the table not able to keep me
Stable gettin stale
So I skill up for skrilla to
Operate at bigger scales
Making more opportunities for
Homies who went to jail
For community service via
Packages in the mail
I fail to see why that's a crime
They brought down the cost from
A dollar to a dime
And stabilized fucked up heads like mine
That's why I'm breaking down your architectural