1. Blessed Be

From the recording Blessed Be

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Torn between two worlds again, of forest streams and ocean sands
I try and find balance within unraveling the dreams that I have had
A place I know, old and new, coming back to me, haunting you
Rewind the tape see the clips again VCR is paused, and suddenly it
Crashes on the waves again the tides beneath , my toes, and I feel the sand
Once again, I’m on the bend, Kentucky river welcomes me home my friends

My old, forgiving, ancient, friends, cascade mountains, hold a part of me
my soul will have its peace again Appalachian mountains please revive me

Roots running deep through the cold streams of coal, cliffs, hanging on arches of sandstone I’m told I don’t know where you might find me, but I’ll tell you where I go if I ever find it

Check the streams where I’ll rest set and shade and day dream like the best
until the warm sun sets behind barred owl screams they fill my mind
The moon reflects on tomorrow, sweet dreams, and the sorrows away
I want to thank you all for your loving part
Now you know that I am just another bleeding heart

In this journey that I feel, I will keep on working till the day I die I don’t have another way out of this place in my head if you find a way out will you share and I won’t have to run run run run

Torn between two worlds again, Blessed be until we meet again